Search Engine Optimisation Cornwall - Information

To help you get your website seen, we offer search engine optimisation in Cornwall for local and nationwide businesses and services. Below is some background information on what Searchtech can do for your site.

Search engine optimisation, often shortened to SEO, is an important aspect of search engine marketing and involves trying to increase the number or relevance of visitors to a web site or individual page from the natural or organic listings. SEO is a marketing technique conducted by making a page's content appeal to automated algorithms, in order to increase search engine relevance and subsequent web traffic for any given phrase. The word SEO can also refer to search engine optimisers, who are industry consultants who carry out optimisation work on behalf of their clients, either at the initial design stage or further down the line.

A wide range of techniques and strategies are used in SEO, which include changes to website code (on page factors) and the sourcing of high quality and targeted links from other sites (off page factors).

Search engines display different types of results on a search engine results page or SERP, including paid advertising, such as pay per click advertising and paid inclusion results, as well as the unpaid results in organic search listings and key phrase specific listings, such as news, map locations, images or definitions. However, optimisation is only concerned with improving the position of a website's results in the organic search listings.

Searchtech is currently offering a free trial for established websites, with no contracts or obligations afterwards! Call 0800 093 8777 for details of our services. We have achieved hundreds of first place results for a range of targeted phrases. As results fluctuate frequently, call for some of our latest examples.

Internet services including search engine optimisation / SEO and web design for UK business from Searchtech Truro, Cornwall.