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How to Create a Successful Exhibition Stand

Attending a trade show and want to make sure you actually get a good return on investment of the time and money you put into it? Successful participation in a trade show or other business event is all about attracting the right visitors to your exhibition stand. If this is your first exhibition or you feel like you haven’t had the success you were hoping for from other exhibitions, you may need to rethink the design of your exhibition stand.

Below we’ve gathered a few tips that will help your exhibition stand get the right kind of attention from the visitors that your business is targeting.

Design For Your Audience

The look and feel of your stand is very important, but when designing your stand, don’t get carried away with just trying to make it look the part. Instead, focus on what kind of design will appeal to your audience. This way you won’t attract people to your stand just because it looks great (or for the goodies that you are handing out), but because they are actually interested in what you are offering.

Work With the Space You Can Afford

Your stand doesn’t have to be huge in order to be a success. Small stands can work well if they are designed to make optimal use of the available space and target the right audience. Don’t worry if you can only afford a small space. Instead focus on providing value for your potential customers.

Do a Test Run

Set up your exhibition stand at your workplace beforehand to get a good idea of how it will look. Then ask your employees, colleagues or even friends and family to give feedback on the design of the stand.

Decide on a Budget and Get Creative

You don’t need to spend tons of money to create a successful exhibition stand. Instead of buying all new materials, get creative with things your company already owns that could be used at your stand.

Be Smart About Giveaways

Before buying giveaways, think long and hard if doing this would really benefit your presence at the trade show.

Promo gifts can help with marketing your business, but you need to make sure that you buy the right kinds of gifts. These gifts should be relevant to your business and memorable. Preferably they will make the person receiving the gift more interested about what products or services your company is offering.

People can being on their feet for a long time at exhibitions and often appreciate a simple cup of coffee. For a bit more fun and something more eye catching, you could hire a sweet stand to give your visitors a bit of an energy boost.

Assemble the Right Team

Try to assemble a killer exhibition team with compatible skills. You need at least someone who can attract people to your stand and someone who can sell people on your products or services.

Your team should be able to remain active and friendly during the entire event, so make sure you don’t pick anyone with a serious morning temper.

Promote The Event

Inform as many people as possible about the event you will be attending. Use your website, newsletter and any other communication channel to inform customers about your stand at the event and invite them to come check it out.

We hope these tips on how to create a successful exhibition stand prove useful at your event. Best of luck!